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In order to hand down the history of Japan correctly to posterity, by preserving and providing for the public the Specified Historical Public Records and Archives in accordance with the Public Records and Archives Management Act, the Public Archives Act and the National Archives Act, NAJ conducts research and studies extensively on the range of public records and archives to be preserved, conservation models, and methods of providing them for public use. It makes use of such research and study results for its operation, while at the same time exchanging and sharing the results with other archives in and outside Japan. For these purposes, NAJ promotes the following activities.

1) Research and Studies on How to Improve Users’ Convenience in Concert with Other National Institutions in Charge of the Preservation and Use of Documents

NAJ conducts research and studies on how to provide users with information on the location and other details of the materials preserved in NAJ and other national institutions in charge of the preservation and use of documents.

2) Research and Studies on the Catalogs and the Descriptions of the Holdings

Regarding its holdings, NAJ conducts research and studies on the descriptions and their contents as well as on a catalog database, all of which are required to ensure wider public use.

3) Research and Studies on Overseas Public Archives

NAJ conducts research projects and studies on the newest archives systems used in overseas public archives by exchanging ideas and opinions, collecting related materials, etc. Also, it regularly collects and stores archives-related information through the Internet and reference books.

4) Publishing Kitanomaru (The Journal of the National Archives of Japan), etc.

The results of its research and studies on the holdings are published in its research journal, Kitanomaru, and information on recent policy measures related to NAJ and archives in other countries, is published in its information magazine, Archives.

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