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Public Archives Declaration

The National Archives will be a more appealing "information center," accessible to each and every person.

The word "Public" in "Public Archives" not only means that archives are created or originated from government or officials but also means that they belong to the civic society and common people. The National Archives strives to be a "public archives" where each and every person can casually stop by or have a free access through the Internet even from far away. We will work to make the National Archives an information center where anyone can touch through our holdings on the past events that have shaped Japan. These are our commitments to the people.
In order to make the National Archives accessible and appealing to each and every person:

  • We will further advance the collection and preservation of historically important governmental documents and records;
  • We will further promote the digitalization of public archives with a view to making them available through the Internet;
  • We will promote the further expansion and enhancement of the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records (JACAR) database, which can also be used for lifelong learning and social education;
  • We will expand opportunities to come in contact with and develop an interest of the people in public archives through our exhibition and other activities;
  • We will strengthen our cooperation with relevant organizations, including local governments, research institutes, and academic societies;
  • We will widen the circle of international exchanges with overseas archives and professionals; and
  • We will carry out our activities with a commitment to providing user-oriented services.

For ensuring that governmental documents and records and the National Archives belong to everyone.

The National Archives of Japan serves to preserve records of historical importance selected from an immense heap of documents and materials originated from national government, and to make them available to the public for their use. The archived documents and records of government are the public domain which should be handed down as an invaluable national legacy to our posterity.
To guarantee wider and freer access for more people to these public archives, we try to be a facility that is trusted and liked by all the people. This pamphlet will provide a clear introduction to our mission, services, and relevance to society as well as each and every person.
We hope you will appreciate our vision and perceive governmental documents and records and the National Archives as "belonging to everyone."

Our mission

"To contribute to the development of democracy and the realization of a high quality of life through the preservation and use of public archives as shared assets of the people."

To preserve and hand down are our duty for a better future.

The work of the National Archives has a vital significance for the future.
The present is built on the past. The present gives rise to the future. The records of our past and present must be preserved and handed down to the next generation of people, who will explore their own future with our history in mind.
Through the preservation and wider use of public archives, we will enrich the historical understanding of the people, improve public services in the future, and contribute to the realization of an civilized society and life.
This is the mission of the National Archives.

Our goals

"To become an accessible information service center that selects, preserves, and promotes civic use of public archives."

To become an "appealing" facility that anyone would want to use.

The National Archives will function as an appealing facility that anyone wants to use.
To this end, our vision is to deliver historically valuable holdings with better service in a comfortable environment. All the people will have access to the invaluable public archives that tell the stories of our nation. Visitor with any questions can easily ask them to a member of our staff. A pleasant space will always be awaiting you.
By turning the National Archives into this kind of facility, our clients should surely increase, and then, more people among them will likely be inspired to become a specialist in the selection and preservation of governmental documents and records.
We are committed ourselves to contributing to the realization of our brighter future, as an indispensable information center for a democratic society.

Our relevance to the people.

"We will ensure a mechanism for each and every person to have a stake in building our nationfs future through the use of public archives."

We will guarantee that each and every person has the opportunity to reflect on the past and open a window to the future.

The work of the National Archives is of significant relevance to each and every person.
The preservation and handing down of public archives are linked to fulfilling "the people's right to know" and "accountability to posterity." This is to guarantee that people will have the opportunity to correctly understand the history of Japan and think about what the future should be.
By using the National Archives, anyone can reflect on Japan's past through public archives and harness them for our future public policies.
We will continue our activities to create a better future for ourselves as well as for the future generations.


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