Greetings from the Presidentz


Public records and archives are intellectual resource shared by the people that supports the foundation of sound democracy. Their proper preservation and use not only contributes to the appropriate and efficient administrative management, but also provides accountability to the people now and in the future. They contribute to the development of academic research on fields such as Japanese history and culture, as well as to the formation of national identity.

National Archives of Japan is an organization that bears these fundamental responsibilities of the state. Since its establishment in 1971, it has served as a basis for the preservation and use of historical public records and archives, not just by properly preserving and securing access to them but in such a way as holding exhibitions that would help familiarize the public to our Archives.

In 2021, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the National Archives of Japan, we set up a slogan "Archives: Evidence from the Past, Beacon for the Future." It symbolizes our willingness to take further steps to preserve permanently the specified historical public records and archives as intellectual resources shared by our society and to make them available to use for the public.

The most important issues we are dealing with include the plan in progress for the construction of a new building of the National Archives. Our goal is to create the best place for preserving historical public records and archives and to provide the space for people of all ages to utilize those records and archives. Another important challenge we are facing is to respond to rapid movement toward the digital transformation.

I am determined to make the best efforts and contributions to our state and society together with my staff to meet the expectations. We appreciate your understanding and support.

President, National Archives of Japan


3-2 Kitanomaru Koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0091

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