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Welcome to our website. National Archives of Japan, Incorporated Administrative Agency, is an organization dedicated to preserving government documents and records of historical importance originated from various governmental organizations and securing their access to the public through various services such as reading room facilities and exhibitions.

National Archives of Japan was established in July 1971 as an organization attached to the Prime Minister's Office (presently the Cabinet Office). As a result of the administrative reform of the government, it made a new start as an incorporated administrative agency in April 2001.

Since then, National Archives of Japan has been striving for initiative and good performance. We have set new goals and put first priority on ensuring high quality services to the public through efficient and flexible administrations. As one of important means to attain our goals, we build this website to be user-friendly and comprehensive so that all of you have easy access to our Archives.

From April 2005, the digital archive system in this website has provided catalog data of our holdings as well as high-resolution pictures of them including the materials designated as the Important Cultural Properties of Japan. This digital archive system enables prompt, easy, and secure access to our invaluable holdings for anyone, from anywhere, and at anytime, with no charge. So please visit us again and often.

Also the Japan Center for Asian Historical Records (JACAR), one of the indispensable organizations of our institution, provides a digital database of vast historical records concerning modern Japan and its relations with the Asian countries through the Internet. Fortunately, the database receives internationally high praise for its coverage and contents. We hope JACAR will be more commonly and frequently used around the world.

Please send any questions or requests you may have about our activities and this website through the Internet.


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