2016 ICA Congress Presentation Handouts Prepared by Japanese Speakers

Date September 5 - 10, 2016
Host International Council on Archives (ICA) and the National Archives of Korea (NAK)
Theme Archives, Harmony and Friendship: ensuring cultural sensitivity,
justice and cooperation in a globalised world
Venue COEX

Introducing Japanese Archives - Presentation Handouts

(Edited by the National Archives of Japan, September, 2016)

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[September 6, 09:00-12:30 Room 307A]


Workshop: Restoration of Disaster-affected Documents in Japan


gThe Latest Restoration Techniques in Japanh
Project Researcher, the National Institute of Japanese Literature



gHow to Restore Documents Damaged by Waterh
Mr. Tomohiro AKUTSU,
Chief, Conservation Section, Archival Affairs Division, National Archives of Japan




[September 6, 16:45-18:15@Hall E1+2]


gChallenges of Two Digital Archive Systems at the National Archives of Japanh
Dr. Sumio HATANO,
Director-General, the Japan Center
for Asian Historical Records, National Archives of Japan




[September 7, 09:45-11:15@Room 327]


gWorld-wide Spread of Conservation Using Japanese Paperh
Mr. Katsuhiko MASUDA,
Vice-President, the Association for Study of Washi Culture




[September 7, 15:00-16:30@Hall E1+2]


gThe Japan-Australia Bilateral Cooperation
in Archival Processing for the Wartime Seized Company Recordsh
Ms. Junko AKIYAMA,
Archivist, Sapporo City Archives




[September 8, 11:45-13:15@Room 307]


gRecords Management in the Digital Ageh
Mr. Hitoshi FUKUI,
Senior Vice-President, National Archives of Japan
(Former Deputy Director-General for Public Records Management,
Minister's Secretariat, Cabinet Office)




[September 9, 09:45-11:15@Room 307]



Panel Presentation
Archives and Disasters: Japanese Strategies after Five Years
from the Great East Japan Earthquake


gCultural Property Preservation after the Great East Japan Earthquake
and the Nuclear Power Plant Accident – 5 Years since the Disasterh
Mr. Hidefumi SAMPEI,
Chief Curator, Tomioka Board of Education, Fukushima Prefecture



Initiatives for Rescuing Damaged Official Documents
-The Case of Rescue Team Dispatched by the National Archives of Japanh
Mr. Masaki KAKEHI,
Chief, Planning and Legal Affairs Section, General Affairs Division,
National Archives of Japan




[September 9 11:45-13:15@Room 317]


gReconciling Japanese Archival Traditions with the New Demands
of the Global Age: Focusing on Business Archives in Japanh
Mr. Takeo KATOH,
President, National Archives of Japan

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