Preserving Archives for the Future

Public Records.
They are records created or received by public servants and are the evidence of the various activities of the government and historical events.
They are also the shared assets of the people, transcending generations.

The National Archives of Japan  is where these historical records, from the past to the future, are preserved and provided for use by the public.

Welcome to the National Archives of Japan.

 For Vistors(10min) ●For Vistors in English  ●For Vistors in Chinese ● For Vistors in Korean
 1.Outline of the National Archives of Japan
 2.“Preservation” of Public Records
 3.“Use” of Public Record
 4.Promoting Public Access to Our Holdings
 5.Collaboration with Domestic and Foreign Archives

 For Archivists(12min) ●For Archivists in English  ●For Archivists in Chinese  ●For Archivists in Korean
 1.The National Archives of Japan Today
 2.The Purpose of the Management of Public Records
 3.System of Public Records Managemen
 4.Towards the Future


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