The 16th International Congress on Archives 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Session1 : Cutting-edge of Archival Community in Japan

23rd July 10:00-12:00 Room 306 [Handouts]

Moderator : Hitoshi GOTO, Kanagawa University

10:00-10:20 History and Archives
Yoneo ISHII, Director General, Japan Center for Asian Historical Records
10:20-10:50 The Start of Graduate-Level Archival Education in Japan and Accompanying Problems
Hirooki HOSAKA, Professor, Graduate Course in Archival Science, Gakushuin University
10:50-11:10 Historical Materials and Activities of the Diplomatic Record Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: aiming for a comprehensive information center of historical diplomatic records [PPT]
Kazuhisa NAITO, The Diplomatic Record Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
11:10-11:30 System Management from Collecting to Access to Public Documents in the Kanagawa Prefectural Archives: the current situation and future directions
Shigeru ENDO, Kanagawa Prefectural Archives
11:30-11:40 Summary
Hitoshi GOTO, Kanagawa University
11:40-12:00 Discussion and Q&A

Session 2 : Development of e-Government and Digital Records Management

24th July 10:00-12:00 Room 302 [Handouts]

Moderator : Simon CHU, Secretary General, EASTICA

10:00-10:05 Opening Remarks
Mitsuoki KIKUCHI, President, National Archives of Japan
10:05-10:25 Electronic Records Management in China: Present and Prospective [PPT]
WANG Liangcheng, Director of Technical Department of the State Archives Administration of China
10:25-10:45 Seamless Flow of the Public Records: Spread of the Electronic Records Management System of Korea [PPT]
KWAG Jeong, Assistant Director of Archival Information Division, National Archives of Korea
10:45-11:05 Progress of e-Government and Efforts for the Long-term Preservation of Electronic Records in Japan
Yasuhiko NAKAJIMA, Chief of the Service Section, Archival Affairs Division, National Archives of Japan
11:05-11:35 Archives in a Networked Information Society: The Problem of Sustainability in the Digital Information Environment [PPT]
Shigeo SUGIMOTO, Professor, Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba
11:35-12:00 Discussion and Q&A

Session 3 : Crisis and Archives

24th July 14:30-17:00 Room 302 [Handouts]

Moderator : Masaya TAKAYAMA, SeniorVice-President, National Archives of Japan

14:30-15:00 On the Materials of Yamaichi Securities [PPT]
Masanao ITO, Professor, Graduate School of Economics, University of Tokyo
15:00-15:30 Japanese Coal Industry Collection at Keio University Library: catalogue database and research perspective [PPT]
S. SUGIYAMA, Professor, Department of Economics, Keio University
15:30-16:00 Managing Critical Records in the Nuclear Power Industry [PPT]
Sadamaro YAMASHITA, Executive Consultant, Nippon Records Management Co., Ltd
16:00-16:30 No Records, No History? Then What Would Happen to Okinawans? [PPT]
Kazuhiko NAKAMOTO, Okinawa Prefectural Archives
16:30-17:00 Discussion and Q&A

Workshop : Japanese Paper Conservation Techniques

23rd July 14:30-17:00 Room 306 [Handouts]

14:30-15:00 Brief Description of Japanese Paper Conservation [PPT]
Katsuhiko MASUDA, Professor, Showa Women’s University
15:00-16:40 Workshop
Itaru ARITOMO, Chief Conservator, National Archives of Japan

Ikuko NAKAJIMA, Conservator, National Archives of Japan
16:40-17:00 Discussion


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