Azumakagami (Hojobon)

PICTURE : Azumakagami (Hojobon)

A book containing the chronicles of the Kamakura Shogunate, from the time of Minamoto Yoritomo's rise in arms which took place in Izunokuni in 1180 (the Jisho year 4), until the time Munetaka Shin'no (the 6th Shogun) returned to Kyoto in 1266 (the Bun'ei year 3). It is called "Hojobon" after the Hojo family in Odawara which had formerly possessed the collection. Based on this, Tokugawa Ieyasu ordered in 1605 (the Keicho year 10) to publish the Fushimi version of the "Azumakagami" (Kokatsujiban; the old movable-type printing), which later became the base for the present printed editions.


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